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Laura Knight by Alice Strickland /// #4

Laura Knight by Alice Strickland /// #4

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Laura Knight (1877–1970) was an English Realist painter who documented life and culture in Britain during the first half of the twentieth century.

Educated at a time when studying life-drawing was the preserve of male artists, Knight railed against social restrictions of the day and established her own life studio. She was a consummate documentarist and her studies of the ballet, as well as her government-commissioned depictions of women’s wartime labour during the First World War, are some of the this artist's most enduring works.

Alice Strickland introduces us to one of the most important artists of the twentieth century, the first female artist to be elected a full Royal Academician, who enjoyed a career which spanned seven decades. Today Kinght's work features in public collections across the UK and around the world, including Tate, the National Portrait Gallery and the Imperial War Museums, London.

Book Details
64 page hardback with 30+ colour illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-9160416-3-9
Published by Eiderdown Books, September 2019

About the author
Alice Strickland is a curator for the National Trust in Londonand the South East. Her doctorate considered British women war artists of the Second World War and she has been awarded a Paul Mellon research grant for a publication on women war artists of the First World War. Her other publications include 'Learning from the Masters' (2013) and Ethel Gabain, Evelyn Gibbs and Evelyn Dunbar: Three Approaches to Professional Art Practice in Interwar Britain (2008).

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